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Fascias and soffits are important features of your roof. They protect your home from moisture that can cause rotting, mold problems, and damage, while providing necessary ventilation to your roof and rafters.


Burns Roofing LLC can remove your old or damaged fascias or soffits and install new ones that will make your home look great. Add value to your home and protect your investment by contacting us today.

Protect your home with fascia and soffits

Installation and repairs

• Metal fascia installation on bottom of eve or rake edge (side peak of house)

• Installation of new fascia wood and rafter tails as needed

• Installation of vinyl or aluminum soffits

• Solid or vented soffits or a mixture of both

• Aluminum soffits custom-bent on site for each house

• Many colors to choose from to match your gutters

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Fascia Repair

Add the finishing touches to

your home

Install and repair